Stop The Breakage

A lot of different factors can cause breakage in our hair. Heat, color, environment, water quality. Everyone can use a few of these tips to keep your hair strong and healthy. 


Wet Brush-

Our hair is most fragile when its wet. You should never use a regular old brush through your hair when it's wet. The Wet Brush is a miracle for detangling wet hair. It's soft flexible bristles slide through the hair and let go when they hit a snag so that you aren't breaking the ends of your hair. They are very inexpensive and can be found at Sally's/Target/Walmart.



When you sleep you should braid your hair. if you sleep with your hair down you will cause friction when you move your head against your pillow. The same thing happens when it's up in a pony tail, you will start to experience breakage in the nape of your neck, and where your hair tie hits. A loose low braid is the best way to save your hair.


A Not So Messy Bun-

Messy buns are necessary (obvi) but sometimes we can get carried away. There's so many times a client comes in with a hair tie so twisted up in her bun, I can't help but cringe as I watch them try take it out. Your hair can't handle being so wrapped up and twisted in every direction in that hair tie, this will easily weaken the hair and cause breakage. Instead try to first put it in a pony tail and wrap the ends around the base, securing with pins.


Heat Protectant-

We so often miss this step. Every time you use a heat tool you should be applying a heat protectant. Applying heat to your hair is one of the harshest things you can do to it and you need a barrier there to protect it. Check out my Top 5 favorite products for recommendations.


Comment below if you have any more questions on keeping your hair strong and healthy!




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