Where I Find Inspiration

I find that most of my clients bring in images off of Pinterest. Which is great and I love that! One thing I don't love about Pinterest though is that the same images recirculate on it from years and years ago. It hard to know what is old and what is new. This can result in years of creating the same popular colors, when there is more new and exciting things out there.

Two websites that I frequent often are 

Byrdie Beauty

Refinery 29

On these sites you will find up to date modern trends without all the digging.


My favorite instagram accounts to find inspiration on are:







These ladies are always on point in general but I love to keep an eye on their hair trends as well.

It's important to me to stay on top of modern looks and techniques so that I can offer the best to my clients. I hope these resources bring you some inspo into your day to day life too!









Katie Scheib