Make Your Style Last

If you have a hard time getting your curls to stay there's a few tricks to get your style to hold longer.

Product- If you have really fine straight hair use a good thickening product before your blow dry. I recommend Living Proof's Thickening Mousse. 



Blow dry product into hair. For added lift, use a big round brush in the crown area. 

Once your hair is dry, spray your hair with a flexible working spray before curling. It's important for it to be flexible so that you can work your hands through your hair still, and it doesn't get crunchy and break. I suggest Living Proof's Flex (it's the one that smells like vanilla you're welcome).


Make sure you have an appropriate iron for the look you are trying to achieve and for your hair length.

If you are going for a loose beach wave I suggest a larger iron but this depends on your length. Short styles work best with a 1" or 1 1/4" iron, while longer hair work best with a 1 1/2" to 2" iron. 

If you are going for a more undone look I suggest a wand over a traditional curling iron.

If you are going for more voluminous bouncy curls, go for a traditional iron, the same rules apply for the iron size.

The biggest no-no is touching your curls before they have cooled. If your hair is still warm and your put your hands in it your pulling that curl out and it will fall flat. Curl your entire head and let the curls all cool down before you break the curls up.

Finishing products-

Once you are happy with your curls you'll want to set it with something that has a little stronger hold. I love Living Proof's Control because it has a good hold but you can still get you hands in your hair. 

Another amazing fave is Living Proof's Dry Volume Blast. Hold your hair up in sections and spray in an upward motion. Shake it out and you have gorgeous big textured locks.



Another trick to getting curls to hold is.... damage. If products aren't enough sometimes your hair is just too healthy! Which is great we want healthy hair, but if you are frustrated with your curls never holding and have healthy virgin locks, consider a subtle balayage highlight. The lightener roughs up your cuticle which actually helps curls to hold. 


I hope this helps you in your daily styling! Feel free to ask me any additional questions,




Katie Scheib