Summer Hair Care

The temps are finally rising! We all know we need to put sunscreen on our skin but did you know you should be taking the same care for your hair? The harsh sun can leave your hair dry and brittle causing breakage.. as well as fade your color faster. Here are a few products you can use for UV protection to keep your summer hair soft, vibrant and shiny.


Living Proof Instant Protect Spray

This is an extremely light weight spray that can be used in wet or dry hair. Not only will it protect you from the UV rays, it will protect you from the damage of your heat tools. 


Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion

This one is perfect for the beach wave lovers. Apply this lotion to damp hair, scrunching through the mids and ends. This will enhance your curl, making your locks perfectly tousled and ready for a day in the sun.


Bumble and Bumble Dry Oil Finishing Spray

This is a frizz taming spray perfect for dry hair that could use some added shine. Spray onto your finished style, and use through out the day for touch ups when you need a little pick me up!


Soak up those sun rays babes






Katie Scheib