Product Shelf Life

Did you know that beauty products have a shelf life? Here's how to check if your old favorites are expired.

On the back of each product there is a little symbol that looks like this:

The 6M stands for 6 months, 12M for 12 months and so on. After that, your product is no longer performing as well as it should be. Though using some things like expired lotions may not hurt you... some expired products such as make up can be harmful because of the bacteria growing in it. This is especially important in things like mascaras, lip glosses or anything without a pump dispenser.

It might sound silly and you can probably get away with using older products most the time, but I did once have a client tell me she used an old bottle of thickening spray on her hair and it immediately burned her scalp. So I would just always rather be safe than sorry!

Make sure you are regularly cleaning out your beauty products, if you have something not yet expired, barely used and know you aren't going to use it, find a local women's shelter/organization (like Project Beauty Share) and donate what you can. 


Katie Scheib