What To Know Before Your Color Service

Do you wash? Do you not wash? This is one of the most asked questions I hear. It isn't a huge deal  either way, but there are some cases where it helps to come in with dirty hair. If you are using color/bleach at the scalp it does help to come in with dirty hair. The natural oils at your scalp act as a barrier to prevent irritation. However, if you come in with a lot of product build up that will prevent the color from getting to the hair. So make sure it's not too dirty with products such as dry shampoo. If you are getting highlights this isn't as big of a deal because the product isn't touching your scalp.

It is best to come in prior to your service with your hair somewhat smooth. Now, I'm not telling you to full on style your hair before your appointment, because that is unrealistic and frankly a waste of your time. However, if you come in with your hair in a knotty messy bun, the kinks make it harder to see where the hair actually lays for artistic color placement. If you need to put your hair up that day, a ponytail is best. 

Know what service you are booking for. It's important to book the correct service because you may not be scheduled out for enough time in your stylist's day, forcing you to do something a little different than you were expecting, or rescheduling. If you are unsure of what to book for, schedule a consultation first. This will ensure you in getting the result you're looking for.

Have photos ready. Terms for color are different for everyone, my "caramel" may be vastly different from your "caramel". Photos are a universal language and will prevent a shocking result as long as you and your stylist make sure you are on the same page first. BUT, this does not mean it's going to look just like the photo.. it is just a reference. If you really don't know what you want, show what you really don't like. This will help your stylist understand what you are thinking in your head.

Most importantly, communicate any questions you have during the consultation. As a stylist it's easy to forgot that not everyone knows everything about hair. If we are missing something be sure to ask!





Katie Scheib