The products you need to ditch and switch to for "that time of the month"

Okay, I absolutely hated titling that "that time of the month" but I know some people are weird about it. I'm talking about periods and period products. And I hate that we are so expected to be quiet about it. 

We are girls and we all have one. I used to be so so embarrassed if I had to go into a store to buy just pads or tampons but now I really could care less. I'm a woman and that is okay... really... it is actually great.

Now, beyond just openly admitting we have a period. We need to have a conversation about the things we have been using for them because we didn't know better and really didn't have any other option.

I was a user of more main stream brands of pads and tampons until about a year ago. Then, thanks to the internet world and social media, I was introduced to some new options. Like Lola and Cora.  They are all made with just organic cotton. Which made me think... well what the heck is Tampax made of? or Always? or Kotex? Or anything we grew up with. They don't have to tell us, and it's not listed. After doing some research I learned that their ingredients could include fragrance, rayon, polyester. It blows my mind that it took me 10+ years to question these things I was putting in my body. 

So I said goodbye and said hello to some new options.

What I love about Lola and Cora is you can sign up to get them delivered to you automatically each month. You also have the options of customizing how many you need of each (light, regular, etc.).

I have seen a few Targets that have started to carry Cora, but when if I'm in the store and need to grab something I grab for Seventh Generation. They are all organic cotton as well. 

If you would like to set your self up for automatic delivery I have linked below Lola and Cora's websites. 

Here are a few other period finds that I am interested in trying but have yet to buy.


Lunette Cup

I'm hesitant to try this but I am interested in making the switch for less waste, 12 hours of use, and less risk of TSS. Shop Here.



These are period absorbent underwear. Some styles can hold up to 2 tampons worth. I am mostly interested in buying these if I was to switch to a menstrual cup and then use this as back up, or to use alone on very light days. Shop here.

Let me know if you have tried any of the products above! Which did you love and which did you hate? Let's keep the conversation going so more options are available to us.

XO Katie

Katie Scheib